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Screen and Keyboard

Reading Window or Reading Guides

These tools are designed to help visually overwhelmed students or students that have difficulty maintaining focus.  The windows come in sizes that allow the student to focus on a single line or a paragraph at a time.  They come in traditional bookmark style for standard books or in a digital form for computers and tablets.

Reading Win.jpg
Reading Window 3.jpg

Reading Guide in a Digital Environment

Immersive Reader.PNG

Microsoft Word has the ability to generate "line focus" which is a tool to perform the same results as a reading guide in a digital format.  This tool is in the Immersive Reader selection in the "view" tab of Word.


Page Focus is another tool available under the "view" tab in Microsoft Word.  This tool eliminates all extraneous visuals and allows the student to focus solely on the page itself.

Line Focus.PNG
Page Focus.PNG


Literacy Tool Extensions

Literacy Extensions such as TextHelp Literacy Suite have the ability to digitally mask out unwanted visuals by using the screen masking feature.

TextHelp Reading Pane.PNG
TextHelp Toolbar.PNG
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