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Voice Output Device with Steps (for Sequencing Messages)

Voice output devices with steps (for sequencing messages) are communication devices that typically have one switch surface.  Multiple messages can be recorded and are played in sequential order each time the switch surface is activated.


The Sequenced Switch Communicator is a unique way to introduce a communicative milieu to a student that is non-verbal.  Use these devices to start interactive turn-taking of a conversation.

Each sequencer can record several messages and replay each message in order as the switch is pushed by the student.

Here is an example:  The class takes a trip to the zoo.  The classroom teacher wants the non-verbal student to discuss the day's events with their Mom at home.  The teacher records a series of messages into the sequencer.  The student goes home.  Mom gets out the sequencer and places it where the student can press the switch. 

The sequence goes like this....

  • Mom:  How was your day?

  • Student presses the switch: "We had a great day today."

  • Mom: Wow, tell me about it.

  • Student presses the switch:  "Our class went to the zoo."

  • Mom:  The zoo!  How cool.  Tell me about it.

  • Student presses the switch:  "We saw all kinds of animals an I even saw a gorilla!"

  • Mom:  A gorilla!  Tell me more about your trip.                                                              and the conversation continues 

A variety of companies offer voice output devices with steps for sequencing messages including the following:

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