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Text to Speech Software/App

Text to Speech is an assistive technology tool designed to make written text audible.  In this manner, students that have difficulty reading, whether due to physical or cognitive disabilities, will be able to comprehend text and exhibit independence in academics.  Optical character recognition (OCR) empowers the student's electronic device to pair artificially generated human voice with text characters.


Text to Speech in Microsoft Word

Read Aloud.PNG

When using Microsoft Word, students have access to the Read Aloud feature which is located under the "review" tab.

Read Aloud Toolbar.jpg

The Read Aloud feature has the ability to change voices and reading speed to accommodate the user.


Google Docs Text to Speech Extensions

Numerous Text to Speech extensions are available for use with Google Docs.  Simply add the extension and most will allow the student to highlight the text and listen to it spoken aloud.

Natural Reader.PNG
Select and Speak.PNG
Epub Reader.PNG
Read Aloud Ext.PNG


Text to Speech Software Addons

There are many applications designed to assist students in the area of literacy.  Some literacy suites have multiple tools for aiding students with reading and writing.  These applications typically have a cost associated with them and screen reading features that allow Text to Speech in many mediums (PDF, Word, Onscreen Text, Html, etc).  The benefit of purchasing software is the consistency and availability of tools across mediums, as well as, ease of use.

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