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Pencil Grips

Over the years, the pencil grip has evolved.  The battle to keep fingers positioned for maximum performance during handwriting continues with ever-improving pencil grips.

Evo Final.PNG

The original pencil grip was hard plastic designed to provide indentions for optimal finger placement.  The design was hard and could be uncomfortable.

The Pencil Grip.jpg

The Pencil Grip was an improvement on the original design as it added size and softer material for more surface area and comfort.

Start Write.jpg

The Start Write grip offered a plastic circle that was designed to stop thumb wrap around which is a frequent problem even when using a traditional pencil grip.

Grotto Grip.jpg

The Grotto grip offered the features of a large surface contact as well as wings to stop thumb wrap around, but it was still somewhat harder than The Pencil Grip.

Crosover Grip.jpg

The Crossover Grip has wings to prevent thumb wrap around, a large contact surface, and it is built with comfortable soft plastic.  This design incorporates multiple innovations in pencil grips over time.

For those unable to hold a pencil

The Writing Bird and the Steady Write writing aids are designed for writers that are unable to hold a pencil and manipulate it with their digits.  These grips allow the user to use larger muscle groups to push the pen or pencil across the paper.

Writing Bird.jpg
Steady Write.png
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