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Switches/Switch Interface


Switches are simple devices that allow users to interact with a computer through basic actions like pressing a button.  For those with physical disabilities, a single, reliable movement can cause items to move, or to turn on and off.  Switches can be configured to replace any single keyboard or mouse function and can be used in groups for more complex interactions.  There are many different types of switches designed to allow users to interact using the skills or abilities they possess.  Switches are selected based on the ability of the user.


Switch Interfaces are basically bridges that translate the simple action of the switch into a message that the computer understands.  Switches plug into the interface and are then connected to the computer by cables or wirelessly.  Switch interfaces are selected based on the device the user wants to control.


Switches and Switch Interfaces can help people with a variety of different physical disabilities, from mild conditions like RSI, to complete paralysis.  They are also suitable for people with severe learning difficulties as they are a simple, understandable method of accessing a computer.

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