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A Touch Screen enables the user to interact with a computer by simply touching the display directly instead of manipulating a cursor with a mouse or keyboard buttons. Because pointing at something you want is a natural way to communicate, touch screens are much easier to learn to use, especially for individuals with motor or cognitive impairments.  Because of the popularity of smartphones and tablets, touch screens are usually the first computer interface young learners come in contact with.  Most classrooms will have some access to tablets, but touch screen monitors or add-on devices are also available for PCs and Mac laptops and desktops. 

Mouth Touch Screen.png

Eyegaze Access

Gaze interaction is a computer access method that allows users to navigate and control a computer with their eyes.  Gaze interaction only requires the movement of the eye itself, therefore it is possible for individuals who have very little voluntary muscle control, and is less demanding on the user than head tracking access.  This technology is now available for Windows and Mac computers, iPads, and several dynamic display communication devices.

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