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Alternative/Adapted Chair or Desk

Alternative or Adaptive chairs are comfortable seating options that encourage proper positioning and posture for students, allowing for increased interaction with other children that results in improved physical and mental health for the user. Active, adaptive seating options allow freedom of movement within the seating device, resulting in enhanced dynamic posture and positioning.

Alternative or Adaptive chairs provide the right amount of support, freedom and comfort is key to almost all of the day’s activities, including eating, playing, doing homework and therapy applications.


This exercise ball chair helps to reduce restlessness, fidgeting and prevent boredom


This T Stool allows students to wobble, move, and wiggle as their bodies require.  This reduces restlessness during learning.


The Peanut Ball can be used for posture and to reduce fidgeting.

Scoop Chairs are ideal for circle time and provide movement while keeping the student in their assigned location.  They easily stack and are universally beneficial for all students.


Balance cushions can be used on a traditional desk seat or for floor seating. Adding this to your flexible seating line-up promotes an opportunity for attention and balance by adding movement to learning. Add more air or remove some from the cushion to provide more or less movement and stability required.


Bouncy Bands are rubber bounce bands for desks designed to increase focus and attention.  They are quiet & durable.  Designed to help fidgetting students with self-regulation and improve learning in the class.  Attach the leg straps and then hook the resistance band to install.​

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