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The Sensory Room Archetype

The "Sensory Room Archetype" is a prototype design.  It was built to be cost and space effective while meeting the sensory needs of a diverse population. It is located in a Western Kentucky High School MSD Classroom.  It has proven to be highly effective and a reasonable addition for many schools with limited facilities and budgets.

Total cost approximately $2,000.00. Total square footage 42.

The Floor Plan

Floor Plan.PNG

6 ft. Bubble



Decorative plywood shapes covered in texture materials

Ordering Information

Archetype Order.PNG

The Right Wall of the Sensory Room Archetype. 


It includes

  • A Six Foot Bubble Tube

  • Mermaid Sequin Color Changing Fabric Stretched over quilting and plywood

  • Artificial Grass (Grass Texture)

  • Traction Roll (Sand Texture)

  • Glow in the dark stars and moon

The Left Wall of the Sensory Room Archetype. 


It includes

  • A Padded Sensory Mirror

  • A Crash Mat

  • Fiber Optic Lighting

  • Stepping Stones and Squeeze Canoe are on the floor

Observation and Sensory Diet Documents

Behavior Obs.PNG

Sensory Processing Disorder

Behavior Observation

Use this document to capture the relevant sensory data that will help devise a sensory diet.

SPD DIscrimination Checklist.PNG

Sensory Discrimination Checklist

This checklist will give the examiner insight into whether the student is over-sensitive or under-sensitive.

Strategies by Sense.PNG


Sensory Processing Disorders

Online Training

Sensory Diet Analysis.PNG

Sensory Diet Analysis

Use this document to pull all of your information together to guide decisions for creating a sensory diet

Diet Summation.PNG

Sensory Diet Summation

Use this document to describe the student's sensory diet in easy terms and targets so all participants can easily follow the diet with fidelity.





Limited Space? 

Try Creating a Sensory Space 

in the Classroom

Sensory Corner.jpg


No Space? 

Try a Sensory Box

Break Box.jpg
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